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I am Amit Hooda, a travel aficionado, on a life-long adventure to capture the finest travel stories from around the globe. I evolved to be a traveler-at-soul owing to my nomadic lifestyle, as a child. Growing up in the remotest parts of Rajasthan to living in big cities, I explored life and self-learnt immensely to develop a multi-faceted career. Today I am an entrepreneur, and my work takes me places, literally.

From exotic destinations, savouring unique experiences and meeting interesting people, life is a journey in itself for me. From walking lesser-known streets and exotic countries, to narrating artists’ stories, to sharing novel food experiences, I like to share the moments and stories with the world, for myself and for those wanderlusters like me through my travel vlog, Amit Hooda Experiences. Here, I retell my travelogues as a fine collage of culture, flavours and adventures through cinematic storytelling and I talk about my authentic narrations of the journey, the hotels, destinations, food, the sights and every nuance a traveler must pay attention to. As I create my legacy as a Traveller and storyteller, I invite you to be a part of it. Read, view, enjoy my stories with Amit Hooda Experiences.

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Why work with me

Why work with AHE

I am a genuine believer of credible, honest recommendations only through authentic, first-hand experiences. I welcome all brands from the field
of hospitality, destinations, F&B, beauty & grooming, rental services, unique experiences etc to associate with me and get featured in my visually
stunning storytelling travel vlog.
Or you could engage with us for social media promotions, sponsored posts etc. for your company / brand. Utilise this platform to connect with the
right target audience and use the content as a marketing tool to create that impact. AHE’s stories will give you the right focus on the product and
practical information which is the most accurate and self-experienced without the frills, keeping our readers in mind. I like to keep my retellings
consumer-centric and relevant for those who want to see the world through a traveler’ eyes.
How can we collaborate Engage with Amit Hooda Experiences for any of the following services:
• Sponsored Feature Story on AHE
• Social Media Posting on AHE assets
• Professional Videography by our hand-picked top video production units
• Speaker Engagement etc. for your travel/ hospitality events







How can we collaborate

Engage with Amit Hooda Experiences for any of the following services:

Sponsored Feature Story on AHE

If I am impressed with your offering, I would love to do a story about your brand. Connect with me and let’s talk!

Social Media Posting on AHE assets

Get a social post story about your brand on our social media channels like FB and Insta. One post can make a whole world of difference!

Professional Videography by our hand-picked top video production units

Allow me and my expert team to capture your brand and experience through professional videography

Speaker Engagement

My professional photo team will give that aesthetic look to your brand. We click, you look slick.

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Travelling is a passion, a crazed need of the hungry soul to feed its want for adventure. And along this adventure, we have had the opportunity to work with many associates who share this passion and our vision. A special mention to our partners who have some brilliant services or experiences to offer, and who have associated with us so we can tell their story to the world.

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Guest Lecture

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